12-Month teacher training & mentorship Overview

THANK YOU for enrolling in the S•R Education Teacher Training & Mentorship Program. Teacher Training is a 12-month mentorship designed to refine and develop your skills as an educator. Lead exclusively by Sally Rogerson, the course provides private coaching sessions and year-round education.

The full and detailed break down of the classes will be sent to you by December 1, 2016. This will include a list of the haircuts that need to be studied prior to each class. We will be using theWomen’s Comprehensive Cutting Program as a vehicle to practice our Teacher Training skills, so a thorough understanding of the material is encouraged.

COURSE PREREQUISITE: 3-Day Women’s Comprehensive Cutting Class


  • Lead exclusively by Sally Rogerson
  • Monthly 30-Minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • 10 Monthly Video Presentation Assignments
  • (3) 3-Day Training Course (schedule below)
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Access to Sally's Theory Lessons
  • Virtual Classroom Access (coming soon)


  • How to teach and active teaching
  • How to simplify
  • Correct verbiage and technical explanations
  • How to demonstrate
  • How to connect with an audience and individual
  • How to present a haircut
  • How to present a theory lecture


  • Monthly Video Assignments (10 total)
  • Use a smartphone or preferred recording device to film your presentation


  • JAN 29-31, 2017: Nanana Parena in Los Angeles, CA
  • JUN 11-13, 2017: Elite Salon in New York City Metro Area
  • OCT 24-26, 2017: TBD in Chicago, IL
  • Before arriving to class, study all haircuts in the Women’s Comprehensive Cutting Program


  • Scissors
  • Cutting Combs
  • Sectioning Clips
  • Flat Backed Brush (Denman/Vess Type)
  • Medium and Large Sized Round Brush
  • Water Spray
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron
  • Notebook and Pens/Pencils
  • Comprehensive Cutting Manual


  • Towels
  • Tripods
  • Mannequin Heads
  • Coffee and Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Good Vibes

There will be some retail available in the classroom for anything you are missing. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you will be on your feet the majority of the time. 


If you have selected the 12-Month Payment Plan your first payment will begin December 1, 2016.

Please email info@sallyrogerson.com with any extra questions.

Thank you again and see you soon!

Sally Rogerson