Spotlight on Teacher Training: Celina Suarez

Meet Celina!


Celina Suarez is a longtime friend of S•R Education. As a Davines educator, artistic team member, and the owner of æffect hair in Winter Park, FL Celina knows the important role continuing education and ongoing training plays in developing a stylist's skills and cutting repertoire. 

Currently enrolled in the 12-month S•R Education Teacher Training and Mentorship program we asked Celina to  give us some insight into her experiences thus far and what motivated her to GO FOR IT!

A big thank you to Celina for taking the time to chat with us! -- Sally

What motivated you to enroll in the SR Education Teacher Training program?

I trained in London at the Sassoon Academy for 12 weeks. My trainers didn’t just impact how I cut, they changed just about every facet of my career and those trainers learned from Sally. She’s trained some of the most talented people in the world and I just couldn't miss out on the opportunity to work one-on-one with her.

What are you hoping to gain from the SR Education Teacher Training program?

Cutting education for trainers is rare to begin with, let alone finding anything more than a three day class. The S•R Education Teacher Training is a commitment to becoming the best teacher I can be, with one of the best teachers out there. Sally’s knowledge and presentation skills are impeccable. I look at learning and growing as an educator through her constructive critiques as an exciting new experience.

What is your favorite part of the SR Education Teacher Training program?

Being able to actively improve and practice my skills. The ongoing, hands-on course work and training videos is the best way to learn. It's that discipline that makes the skills we learn permanent. 

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about taking the Teacher Training program?

It's worth it! Whether you want to be a better trainer in your salon or to go into other salons, this course will prepare you to tackle cutting in a way anyone you teach can understand.

Any other thoughts on the Teacher Training program...

Having Sally take time out of her very busy schedule for mentor calls is what adds a personal investment. She’s dedicated to to helping us reach our goals, to be better trainers, and to seeing us grow in ways we didn't even know was possible. 

For more information on the 12-month and 4-month S•R Education Teacher Training programs visit