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Cosmetology Programs

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With her eye always on what’s happening next, world renowned educator Sally Rogerson is breaking the mold on the traditional beauty school experience with her latest venture, the SR ACADEMY in Scottsdale, AZ . The only school of its kind, this innovative educational experience combines a modern approach to cosmetology with in-depth instruction in the art of filming, lighting, and editing allowing you to build your social media presence and YouTube following. Taught exclusively by Sally Rogerson and her highly trained team of educators the unique curriculum gives S•R Academy graduates the tools needed to build their business, grow a clientele, and thrive intoday’s competitive salon environment.

BREAKDOWN: Academy Hours: 782
                          Online Classroom Hours: 200
                          International Hair Show: 18
START DATE: January 8, 2019


CUT. Sally Rogerson’s world-renowned comprehensive cutting programs are the foundation of the curriculum. This modern approach to salon cutting teaches you a simplified technique that allows you to create high-quality men's, women's, and creative haircuts in a fast-paced salon environment. Our focus on basic techniques such as hand and body positioning helps you to be both efficient and effective with every snip of your scissors.

COLOR. Our color program blends the commercial techniques you’ll need to keep your clients happy with the high fashion editorial skills needed to feed your creativity.

EXTENSIONS. Extensions are quickly becoming a critical skill necessary for stylists to create the on-trend looks customers are craving. To ensure that you are prepared to meet the demands of modern salon work, we are providing expert-led instructional sessions that focus on the current extension trends.

MARKETING AND BRANDING FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. We realize that, in today’s industry, it isn’t enough just to be a great hair stylist. You must also learn how to build and maintain an audience. That’s why we have partnered with award-winning video producer, Tony McGarry, to develop a media program. You will receive invaluable instruction on how to develop branded video content and how to create a dynamic and engaging social media presence.

INDUSTRY SKILLS. Not only do we teach you how to succeed behind the chair, but we also show you how to work on a face-paced set. Having worked with industry-leading designers, stylists, and beauty professionals, Sally is an expert in professionalism, creativity, and the quick thinking needed to become an in-demand artist for photo and video shoots.

FASHION WEEK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. With 25+ years of beauty industry experience, Sally has made a pretty impressive group of friends and associates. By joining this program, you will have access to this same amazing group of artists. This outstanding internship program affords you the opportunity to select from your choice of top-tier artists to assist during the New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, or Milan fashion week.

INTERNATIONAL HAIR SHOW. A portion of your 1,000 hours of instruction can be spent abroad at the London Salon International Hair Show. There, you will be exposed to all of the latest fashion and industry trends in hair, equipment, and products, as well as have the invaluable experience of seeing the world's top artists in action.