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Teacher Training



SR Academy offers cosmetology teacher training and mentorship courses that provide current and prospective instructors with the tools necessary to train the cosmetologists of tomorrow.

Program Objective

Knowing how to do something is one thing. Teaching it to someone else takes an entirely different skill set. We are dedicated to teaching you how to master this skill and equipping you with effective strategies that will engage your students. We also aim to show you how to properly demonstrate messages, lectures, and lessons in ways that your students will comprehend.

Private Coaching and On-Going Education

Our private coaching sessions feature monthly 30-minute FaceTime or Skype sessions with Sally Rogerson. These one-on-one calls will

ensure that you receive thorough responses, specifically tailored to your needs. These personalized sessions also provide you with a safe space to ask questions and gain clarity at your own pace.

On-going educational opportunities will include a subscription to the SR Education Online Classroom for the duration of your Teacher Training. You will receive access to Sally's theory lectures, as well as around-the-clock access to cutting demonstrations, manuals, and quizzes. This online program teaches you everything you need to know from, from how to conduct an initial consultation to building and maintaining an active and loyal clientele.

Over the past 20 years, Sally Rogerson has worked as a platform artist, international brand ambassador, stylist, and now the creative director and leading educator in her own company. Call or text the SR Academy at (310) 694-4820 to learn more and reserve your space today in one of our upcoming teacher training sessions and learn from an industry leader.


The SR Education Teacher Training was a game changer for my independent education business. I had been successfully teaching for years, but this course has taken my classes to the next level. Everything from formatting my classes to body position in demonstration to just my over all presence in the classroom has improved. I feel more confident in front of both my students and my clients now. The one-on-one feedback and homework are what really set this training apart. Sally gives the individual attention one needs to grow. The best personal development class I have taken to date!

—Lindsay Guzman
Owner, Elle.B Salon and Academy in Denver, CO

In my two years of SR Education Teacher Training Courses my expectations were far exceeded. I was looking for a program that would be fast and efficient in helping me train my current staff as well as new stylists. I was transitioning from being a color educator to a salon owner and I was struggling to find the time to train in my salon. Teacher training gave me the tools and the confidence I needed. My presentation skills improved each month as well as my knowledge of each of the haircuts. The SR cutting program also cut down my own time behind the chair! I met other salon owners and educators from around the country that I’m still friends with. It’s so nice to have a like-minded support system to ask advice or bounce ideas off of. I would highly recommend teacher training with Sally to anyone out there looking to gain confidence, knowledge and refresh their own work behind the chair.

— Liz Glynn
Owner, Thorps Salon, Madison, WI